Intermediate CT October 2019

Coventry University Technology Park, Puma way, Coventry CV1 2TT

CT and MRI courses have been delivered at this location for twenty years.  It has excellent conference facilities and the three course hot lunch is fantastic.

Coventry University Technology Park is located near Coventry city centre, Coventry Train station and the ring road, offering excellent access to the Midlands major motorways and two international airports.

Local Accommodation

Ibis Hotel CV1 2LN - closest

Premier Inn  10 mins walk

Spire View Guest House, CV12LD 0247 6251602

Intermediate CT course


This three day course builds on the basic understanding of CT physics and clinical applications covered in the Introductory CT course. High image quality is a requirement of every CT department and appropriate parameter selection and optimised image quality is essential for best clinical practice.  This course includes more clinical applications which are delivered by Radiologists and clinic experts, very experinced in their field.

CT Physics is delivered by a very experienced physicist who delivers on postgraduate CT courses.

 Course Content Topics include:

CT Data Acquisition                                           •   Musculoskeletal CT

Radiation Safety                                                •   CT Brain Disease and Trauma

Image Quality                                                    •   CT Abdominal Imaging

Quality Assurance                                             •   Introduction to PET-CT

CT Angiography Overview                                •   Basic Cardiac Imaging

 Pulmonary Angiography