Radiographic Assistant Course October 2019

Coventry Technocentre,

Coventry University Technology Park
,Puma way,

CT and MRI courses have been delivered at this location for over fifteen years.  It has excellent conference facilities and the three course hot lunch is fantastic.

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Nearest Accommodation

Ibis Hotel Mile Lane, CV1 2LN – closest

Premier Inn - walking distance

Spire View Guest House, CV1 2LD – 024 7625 1602

Ashleigh House, B&B - 02476 228200





The Radiographic Assistants course is run over two days to cover CT and MRI in more detail.

Delegates can choose whether to attend for one day or both of the days.

This modular two day course is aimed at expanding and updating the knowledge of Radiographic Assistants, support workers and admin staff based in MRI or CT departments. You can attend either one day or both days depending on your interest and availability. It is designed to provide a valuable insight into the roles of the various clinical teams, encourage best practice and help you further support your clinical staff. Lectures are delivered by practicing clinical radiographers.


Course Content Topics include:
  Day One : CT                                                Day Two : MRI            

  • CT technology and terminology                   MRI Safety
  • Overview of CT                                            Introdcution to basic physics
  • CT patient positioning                                  MRI contrast agents    
  • Radiation dose and legislation                     MRI patient and coil positioning    
  • CT images, anatomy/pathology                   Patient preparation and information  
  • CT contrast agents and pump injectors       MRI Technology and terminology
  • Role of CT in imaging                                  Role of MRI in imaging  
  • Principles of appropriate referring               MRI anatomy/pathology


 Lunch and refreshments provided throughout the day